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Meet Mrs. Kara


Mrs. Kara Hanson, mezzo-soprano, received her Bachelor’s Degree in music with an emphasis on voice and piano with a minor in music theory and linguistics from the prestigious University of North Texas College of Music. Over the course of her studies, she received seven scholarships for her musical ability. As a performer, Mrs. Kara has graced the stages of Asia numerous times and across the United States. She performed with Take Five – the Dave Brubeck Quartet, in their farewell concert. A professional choral singer, she has performed for multiple American Choral Directors Association conferences, Texas Music Educators Association conferences, and international Choral Festival abroad two times.

      In 2008, Mrs. Kara founded “Neat Beats,” a non-profit after-school children’s music program in Dallas, Texas, and served as the director until 2010. Mrs. Kara began teaching at the Music Institute of North Texas, and in her 8 years there she was awarded “Top 20 Best Voice Teachers in Dallas, Texas” by Expertise 2016, 2017 & 2018. The following year, Ms. Kara was hired as Director of Music at Starwood Montessori and taught over 400 students weekly. Her choral program, hand bell choir, and recorder ensembles flourished. In 2014, she joined the voice faculty at the premier music school Lone Star Music Academy. LSMA was awarded “Winner of Best of Denton County for Music Lessons” in 2014, 2015, 2017, and in 2018. She is certified in the globally successful, early childhood learning program, Harmony Road. Her energy and personality are ideal for young and adult students alike, as early as age 6, or “itty bitties” as she affectionately calls them. Mrs. Kara’s students have been admitted to Berklee College of Music and the University of North Texas College of Music, made the District, Region, Area and Texas All-State Choir, ranked in the top 2 percentile in the state through the Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program, received numerous ones and advanced to the State UIL Solo and Ensemble in Austin. She has a student with a record deal with producer Bill Curbishley and Track Records (The who, Judas Priest, Jimmy Page) in Las Angeles, CA, whose music videos have had over 300k views on YouTube. This year three students made the live semi finals for an international vocal competition, and one student has won the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC in 2021. Her students have performed in hundreds of recitals, musicals, and continually placed in the top 3 in talent shows throughout her 14 years of teaching. Mrs. Kara has regularly kept a hybrid online and in person studio exceeding 70 students per week with a constant waitlist.

     Mrs. Kara began venturing out in music business and is currently an active board member and consultant for the digital publishing company, DPI, in Dallas, Texas. When she is not active in her entrepreneurial pursuits, she enjoys in person and digitally teaching select talent out of her Downtown Spokane, Washingtown studio. She is currently a commercial voice-over actor, active professional singer, and master teacher. In the midst of the global pandemic Mrs. Kara became a certified Life Coach to aid her students going through emotional struggles. She has taught adults, college students, and welcomes players and singers of all ages and levels. Her multicultural family gives her a unique global perspective that can be experienced in her innovative teaching methodologies. A believer in lifelong learning, Mrs. Kara stays active in the voice and piano teacher community through constant continuing education. In 2021, there was a lack of quality virtual events so Mrs. Kara founded The competition first season was highly successful with highly qualified judges and her students taking top honors. Out of a need for expansion and to accommodate Mrs. Kara's surplus of students, she hand picked and trained four voice teachers in the tried and true methods she has developed. Mrs. Kara is a proud life-long mediator, certified life coach, life long meditator, self-love advocate, and devotes her whole heart to her students. 


" Mrs. Kara was my daughter's voice teacher for more than 7 years. As a teacher she is very professional, understanding and accommodating with her students. My daughter improved the range and quality of her voice, her singing techniques and overall confidence under Mrs. Kara's guidance. Mrs Kara is also a very gifted performer. Professionally and personally Mrs Kara has had a very positive and productive influence on my daughter. We highly recommend Mrs Kara!"

-Ellen Monteloene

"All three of my children have had Kara as a voice coach and a piano teacher, and she has been fantastic! She has taught my children for the past ten years, and we appreciate all she has done. Kara is charismatic and we love her passion for teaching children and adults. Kara teaches the foundations of learning an instrument by including Music Theory in her lessons and providing great feedback on how the kids can learn and retain the information they are taught. Kara is a teacher who goes above and beyond because she cares about the kids and kids love her enthusiasm."

-Debbie Gillett


"Miss Kara was my voice teacher for 3+ years at the Music Institute of North Texas. Her charisma, vivacious personality, proficiency in music theory and dedication to her students landed me at one of the top music schools in the world, Berklee College of Music. If not for her ability to see the potential in everyone and her kind-hearted nature that always strives to help others be the best version of themselves, I would've given up on music completely. I can say with great confidence that Miss Kara will always give 110% effort in everything she pursues, and she will do so with a warm smile and unbreakable positive attitude."

-Laura Veras

" Kara has the most unique way of bringing out the best in her students. We were privileged to have her teach our child voice lessons for several years. To watch videos of our child with Kara during practices and then during the actual performances are amazing. The excitement, joy, and laughter she brought into our lives is priceless. Kara is a precious gift and we were honored to work with her. "

- Alana Taylor

" Ms. Kara is a fabulous voice coach. Not only is she a gifted and knowledgeable music teacher, but also a keen observer. When teaching, she has the child's interests in mind and provides meaningful experiences, helping them find their expression. Ms. Kara is a great mentor and an excellent role model, and it has been my pleasure to work with her as a colleague and a parent for well over a decade."

-Madhumeeta Shridhar

"Mrs. Kara taught voice lessons to my daughter during her elementary school grades. My daughter has benefitted so much from her lessons. She learned so much and attributes her middle school choir success(made “all region” all 3 years in middle school) to all the training that she had with Mrs. Kara. She is really good with kids. My daughter connected with her so well and always looked forward to her lessons."

- Nilima Gupta



"Kara is a dedicated teacher and instructor. She always goes out of her way for her students and her experience shows through their many successes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kara for almost 5 years and have seen her go above and beyond for her kiddos. She is the very best!"

- Mary Singh

"Kara is an absolute joy to work with. She is organized, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Kara's patience and ability to teach has no comparison. If I had the opportunity to work with her again, I absolutely would. To have a co-worker who works so hard and is so dedicated to her craft is rare to find and should be treasured!"

-Jasmine Hoolwerf


"I worked alongside Kara for three years. During that time, she subbed for me when I was unable to teach my voice students on several occasions and was a delight to students and parents. Kara is knowledgeable, dynamic, trustworthy, and considerate. She would be an asset to any venture or organization. I would recommend her without any reservations. "

- Lauren Carter

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