Why should I choose you as my teacher over other teachers? 


I have had a lifetime of music performance all over the world and I bring my multicultural viewpoint into my teaching. I have had extensive linguistic studies and education training, and in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 I was selected as one of the Top 20 Best Voice Teachers in DFW by Expertise.com. My Music Degree is from the prestigious University of North Texas College of Music and I have studied with some of the most sought-after voice coaches in the United States. As an experienced judge and panelist I know what the industry wants, so if competing or auditioning is a desire, I can help you fulfil that goal.


What will I learn in voice lessons? 

Short answer, whatever the student or student plus parents want to! I want my students to enjoy their lessons, and each lesson plan is customized to that student and their preferred learning style. I will tailor my teaching in different ways so my students can grasp the concept, there are at least a dozen ways I can explain something to a student.

Some lesson goals include: Expanding vocal range, building beauty and stamina. Develop artistry and espressivo singing. Learn proper singing technique suitable for all genres including pop and belt technique. Monologue and acting coaching suitable for auditions for Operas or Musical theatre productions. Sing in any language with the appropriate style and authentic pronunciation (I’ve taught over 40 languages). Improve breath support and decrease tension in your voice and body. Music notation and sight reading and/or song writing. Helping improve the student’s self-awareness and help them identify corrections they need to make.


What have your past and current students accomplished? 


First off, I pride myself most in the relationships I build with my students and their families the most. I have over 15 students in their 7th through 11th year with me! My students sang and played me down the aisle at my wedding, then belted out Whitney Houston while we danced! I have a current Berklee College of Music student, and a Berklee grad working in the music industry. Two students are at University of North Texas majoring in Vocal Performance. I have had students win numerous cash prizes and scholarships through their competitions I prep them for. I have a student who signed a record label and landed an esteemed manager in Los Angeles and her music videos on YouTube have over 300k views! I have had over 600 hundred 1 rankings in Solo and Ensemble earned by students, and dozens more 1’s earned at All-State. My students have landed lead roles in more musicals than I can count. My students have been members of the TMEA All-State Mixed Choir and placed in the top 2% of the The Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program. My students have achieved perfect scores in the Texas State Theory Exam year after year. In addition, my students have performed for weddings, private events, paid gigs, talent shows, national talent shows, and local, national, and global competitions. I’ve conducted over 100 recitals in the past 12 years so all of my students love performing! My students record videos of them performing and share them on social media platforms, some receiving tens of thousands of views! Last but not least, my students leave my studio feeling a strong passion and love for music that I hope will be lifelong. 


What if I/my student doesn’t want to perform or is too scared/shy?


I do not require performing but I do encourage it. As a certified Life Coach, I know performance anxiety all too well. Most of my students who have extreme stage fright need to improve their self-confidence and eventually I convince them to perform duets with me. Becoming a great performer is not just training your voice in lessons, your teacher needs to develop you as whole person.


Why are your rates higher than the average music teacher?


I do not deliver the average lesson. I go above and beyond my families expectations to get my students real results, and I’m a worthy investment in your musical journey. I firmly believe in quality over quantity, and we make the most out of every precious minute.


What is your teaching methodology? 


Let’s start with what I’m NOT.  I do not believe in fear-based teaching. If you’re looking for a very firm, harsh enforcer of practice, or someone who will come down hard if you don’t meet goals, I’m not the teacher for you. I am a connection-based teacher. I motivate students with encouragement, and firmness combined with kindness. We laugh every lesson; we smile for most of our lesson. If music making isn’t fun, why do it?