Meet Ms. Sydni

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Hello! My name is Sydni Morin and I am a Voice Teacher, Music Director, Musician, Filmmaker, and Actor. I am trained in Classical singing and Musical Theater. I also play guitar and piano! 

I started teaching informally as a teacher's assistant for my high school choir, and teaching voice and piano lessons for friends. In college, I studied Music Education for two years, before switching to Musical Theater. I have been in theater for over 10 years and I love a good belting piece! 


My teaching experience spans from preschool (simple piano motor skills and shaking maracas), to Music Directing ages 6-18, teaching voice to teens, and Assistant Directing and composing music for college-level new theater works. 


I also work on various projects as a Producer. I am a self-produced Music Artist with my creative partner Karlin Marie Kahler. Most recently, Karlin and I directed and produced a feature length film adaptation of You Can’t Take it with You. This was a Covid-safe replacement for a local high school’s theater program. As a producer, it is my job to oversee a project from beginning to end. I do this by working closely with other creatives and communicating clearly what needs to be done. At times, I act as liaison to students, cast, crew, parents, contractors, and school administrators. I excel in this position through my ability to anticipate the needs of those around me, as well as the project as a whole.  


My various experiences have led to my unique teaching style. That's why I’m so excited to be working with Kara and H Squared Studio!


I believe that one of the most important parts of learning music is enjoying music! This is second only to vocal health. I want to stress the importance of learning proper techniques in order to avoid vocal damage in the future. Beyond that, I want my students to learn and grow by singing what they are interested in! You want to sing Ari’s new hit? Awesome. You found a new musical you love? Cool, let’s sing that. You really want to nail a singing competition? We can do classical too! 


When a student is passionate about what they’re singing, it’s easier to free the voice and keep our minds open to improvement. I foster creativity in my students by encouraging them to make songs their own and to find their unique voice. 


If all this sounds like the right fit for you or your child, then I am the teacher for you! Get connected with me, so we can get to the fun! 

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Sydni is amazing!  She helped my 10 year old daughter gain confidence as she prepared for a musical theater production and nail her part for a musical theater competition.  Sydni does a great job working with both soloists and ensembles and builds strong connections with each of her students. Sydni is both well organized and fun to work with and my daughter enjoyed every minute singing with Sydni!